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The ‘Classic’ is the original VeloCharger bicycle smartphone charging system. It is designed to take the raw AC voltage from a ‘bottle’ type dynamo, and convert it to a stable DC supply suitable for charging a mobile phone. There is a USB socket to accept the phone’s charging cable.

VeloCharger Classic is small enough to be fitted neatly under the saddle at the rear, or beneath a phone holder at the front. Dynamo output varies with speed, but VeloCharger’s full output of 500mA will be achieved at 10-11mph (16-18km/h) or above. At this speed, as an example, you will be able to charge an iPhone5 running a GPS navigation program with full display brightness. Phones on standby will be charged at a faster rate and/or at lower speeds.

The VeloCharger Classic is the easiest and least expensive way of installing a charging system for your phone.

See the Dynamos section for more information.

VeloCharger Classic undersaddle2.JPG

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