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The VeloCharger ‘Hub’ is the latest addition to our range of bicycle smartphone charging systems. It is designed to take the raw AC voltage from a Hub type dynamo, and convert it to a stable DC supply suitable for charging a mobile phone. There is a USB socket to accept the phone’s charging cable.

VeloCharger Hub can be attached to the frame with a simple velcro strap. It can be easily removed for security when the bike is unattended. The Hub model takes advantage of the greater power supplied by a hub dynamo, and will provide an output of up to 1.5 Amps to charge phones, lighting systems, or even an iPad!

The output characteristics of the hub dynamo require more conditioning than the simple ‘bottle’ dynamo and the VeloCharger Hub is therefore more expensive than the Classic model. However the hub dynamo itself as well as being more powerful,  is more reliable, requires less maintenance and may therefore be a better choice for the long distance or commuting cyclist.

VeloCharger Hub

VeloCharger Hub

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